Tatari group established its work in trade (lately) in petrochemicals export & import major. We deal permanently with giant famous petrochemical manufacturers such as Sabic, Tasnee , Petro Rabigh , al sahara co. and many others . That’s why we can provide you many of petrochemical materials , not only from global factories we are agents of , but also we could serve you with multiple options of manufacturers with best prices wherever you are you can simply contact us with your requests list. That bases on strong-long term relationships between Tatari Group and Petrochemical companies. In addition , Tatari… more



Tatari Group is agent for : Natpet the exclusive agent  for Natpet (For Syria & Sudan) the  National Petrochemical Industrial Co. Which is a Saudi Arabian company  producing Polypropylene (PP) since the year 2009 . Octal Octal Petrochemical Industrial Co. Established in 2006 to meet the accelerating demand for PET sheet and PET resin, which has emerged as the largest PET resin manufacturer in the Middle  East and the largest integrated PET sheet manufacturer in the world. Europe Plast Eroupe plast Joint Stock Company which is an expertise in polymer industry, mineral resources . Founded in 2007 in Hanoi producing Filler Master Batch Diamond Diamond Petrochemical Industrial factories,… more



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