About Us

Company Brief

International company for Petrochemicals trade and manufacture plastic products.

Tatari group established since 1975 as a manufacturer in Syria then we started in business and trade , and now the main branch is in Saudi Arabia/ Western Region/ Jeddah.

Abdulkhaleq Tatari, is the owner & general director . We have also memebership in Aleppo Chamber of commerce and industry , and spreaded branches & factories around Middle East, Africa And Turkey.

Tatari group always aspires to be a global leader in commercial and industrial services for petrochemicals & plastic products.

Reaching to most of Middle East markets and openness to many other international important markets.

Serving you as best as we could do, we are on permanent competition to offer you the best deal and quality , that’s why Tatari group choose the best international petrochemicals companies around world to be agents for.

Tatari in its her whole career life proved themselves in markets in the middle east as strong company.

Our goal

Our goal is to become at the forefront of producers of petrochemical in the world. Create awareness and explore the different applications of materials. We are ambitious and competitive company, And we will achieve our goal through the provision of industrial products and high quality services to our customers, and achieve the aspirations of our clients In addition to with each new level of success, we expand geographically, establishing new regional offices, in order to be next to our clients in their home markets.

Our vision

Development and innovation in the field of petrochemical innovative techniques So the focus our attention on the exploitation all what we have possibilities as this substantial the conviction we have in all what we do

Our Message

Through our quest for excellence, and manpower committed, and keep abreast of leading technologies, offers Tatari Group, high-quality products, innovative services in the field of trade and best competitive investment opportunities making us President option for investors, partners, clients and other contributors in the fields of our work, which includes the Industrial, commercial and petrochemicals and services around the world sectors.